The Importance of BMS (Building Management Systems)

With energy prices at an all-new high there is no better time to think about how you can take control of your energy use. Building Management Systems (BMS) not only keep your buildings environment safe but can transform your buildings energy consumption. Helping you to operate a more sustainable, greener building.

What is Building Management Systems (BMS)?

Building Management Systems are computer-based operating systems that control all the mechanical and electrical equipment that operates within your building.

BMS configures your Mechanical & Electrical systems automatically to ensure safe and comfortable working environments, whilst running at optimal efficiency. Helping you to save energy costs and reducing your carbon footprint.

The major M&E systems controlled by BMS include:

Hot Water System and Central Heating

BMS ensures the proper and efficient functioning of hot water systems and central heating systems. It can be configured to suit your buildings specific needs to improve efficiency and energy costs. For example, in buildings such as offices where employees often spend most of their time in a small number of areas, BMS can be configured to heat only essential areas. Consequently, providing a more condensed heating service.

HVAC / ventilation System

BMS ensures your buildings have efficient air quality and adheres to laws and regulations surrounding building safety. The duct temperature, pressure, and humidity, as well as the exhaust temperature are all connected to the BMS. As a result, keeping the air that circulates within your building fresh and free from harmful fumes.

Electrical Monitoring System

BMS monitors the amount of electrical power used in your building and the main electrical switches. This makes sure your building is effectively lit whilst being efficient as possible. It also saves you the manual effort of switching each light on & off, especially helpful in larger buildings.

For more information on BMS take a look at this great explanatory You Tube video click here

How MJD can help

Installing, upgrading, and managing BMS can throw up its challenges in terms of compatibility and usability. MJD will take care of your BMS project from start to finish. Our highly skilled engineering team can offer in-depth guidance on the latest products and recommend the most suitable products for your specific needs that is both cost effective and reliable. We offer exceptional installation services and energy efficiency surveys to ensure your BMS is fit for purpose, optimised, and maintained with minimal disruption to the daily running of your building.

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The importance of BMS
BMS (Building Management Systems)