Choosing the right Air Conditioning System

We may not notice it, but air conditioning is used in almost all commercial settings ranging from small café shops to large office blocks. To meet all these different needs, air conditioning systems have different capabilities, making it difficult to know which system is best suited to your building. There is lots to consider such as efficiency, maintenance and design functions.

MJD work with many different organisations ranging from small cafes to hospitals and pride ourselves in offering expert and friendly advice. We’ve put together this guide to run you through the different types of air conditioning systems available and the types of buildings they are best suited too.

The main types of air conditioning systems fall under three categories:-
– Single split system
– Multi-Split System
– VRF System

Each system has very different applications so its important to find out which one would be best suited to your building.

Single Split Air Conditioners

Single Split systems are composed of having one unit indoors and another unit outdoors. These types of units provide spot cooling to a local area so would generally suit smaller spaces like cafés, shops, and server rooms. If you have a small area to cool, then a single split unit would be a great choice as they are effective and energy efficient with less to maintain in the long run. Single split air conditioners are also the most affordable type of air conditioning unit.

Multi Split System Air Conditioners

Multi Split systems act in the same way as the single split air conditioners but rather than having one indoor unit to one outdoor unit you can connect up to nine indoor units to one outdoor unit allowing you to save valuable outdoor space. Multi Split systems are slightly more complex when it comes to installation requiring more pipework and therefore more maintenance.

The main benefit of choosing the Multi Split System over the Single Split System is the outdoor space you can save, particularly if your building lacks outdoor space, or you want to preserve your buildings external appearance.

Multiple Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Conditioners

VRF systems are an advanced version of the Multi Split air conditioners. They are extremely efficient, reliable, and easy to control ideal for medium to large buildings. They can control the temperature of each room allowing you to keep some areas cool and others warm. The most efficient commercial air conditioning systems can recover waste heat from around the building and reuse it to heat other rooms and hot water.

How MJD can help

MJD can take care of your air conditioning project from start to finish. Give us a call on 0117 907 0252 and one of our highly skilled engineering team can offer in-depth guidance on all the systems available and recommend the most suitable products for your specific needs that is both cost effective and reliable. We offer exceptional installation services and energy efficiency surveys to ensure your air conditioning system is fit for purpose, optimised, and maintained with minimal disruption to the daily running of your building.

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